How you can help

Many thanks for stopping by and reading our blog. Now that the campaign is up and running, we need to let as many people as possible know about it and expose the magnitude of the damage Trinity Mirror are doing to the Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail – and put pressure on them to change their plans.

Apart from reading the blog and liking our Facebook page, here are a few simple things everyone can do to help:

1. Telephone or write to the editor-in chief Bruce Waddell and the managing director Mark Hollinshead expressing your concern/anger about the destructon of these iconic Scottish newspapers. Cal 0141 309 3000 and ask for their offices or write to them at Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail, One Central Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA. Let us know if you do – just leave a blog comment or tell us on Facebook.

2. Ask all your Facebook friends to check out our page and click “like”.

3. Tell your MP and MSPs and local councillors that you are supporting our campaign and ask them to do likewise. Most of them will already know about what is happening at the Record and Mail as the NUJ has been lobbying them since this crisis began. But the more people that contact them, the better.

A handy way of finding out the names of all your elected representatives is to enter your postcode at this site:

Many of them are on Facebook and it is easy to leave them a quick message there. Some also have their own websites, where you can leave them a message. Alternatively, you can get telephone numbers and addresses for MPs here:

For MSPs, see here:

For councillors, see:

4. If you are following any Scottish celebrities on Twitter – or non-Scots who are known campaigners, such as Father Ted writer Graham Linehan (@glinner) – send them links to the FB page and/or the blog and ask them to retweet. Similarly, if you are a fan of any Scots or campaigners on Facebook, leave a post on their wall linking to our sites.

5. Tell all your friends offline, too and urge them all to check out our blog and Facebook page.

6. If you have a blog or website of your own, please post a message about our campaign and include links to our sites.

If you have any other ideas about how to boost the campaign, please leave a comment here or on our facebook page.

Again, many thanks for your time and support. Together, we can keep the Daily Record and Sunday Mail Scottish.


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